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What Maggie Does Next

The world we live in is constantly changing and given recent events, this has been brought into sharp focus. The cities we live in are developing, technology is advancing and the wants and needs of our children and families are evolving. All of this has an impact on how we live our lives…and means we constantly need to think about how we can do things better.

There’s a core thought I keep circling back around to: “How can we make things more relevant for this generation?”

With this in mind, my team and I set out to reimagine what the family entertainment and childcare sectors could and should look like for modern-day families and their individual needs.

We are super excited to be launching the first of our new sites in London early next year – more details on that to follow soon!

If you haven’t already taken our survey, we’d love to know your thoughts on a mixture of things, such as what you really think of the current early years offering, what nurseries are getting right (or wrong!), how you even go about selecting a nursery in the first place (?!) and which must-have parenting purchases you simply can’t live without?

So whether you’re a parent/guardian of nursery-age children or a professional who works in the early years industry, we would love to hear what you think. Together we can give the industry the shake-up it so desperately needs!

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