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New Generation Entrepreneurs

Setting up a business is one of the hardest things anyone will ever do, but also one of the most rewarding, especially if you get it right!

“There’s no easy way to set up a business – sure, there are a plethora of hacks – but no one really listens in the beginning.”

It’s human nature to learn the hard way; fuck it up as you go and swear not to do it again! No one can tell you what to do, because chances are, you won’t listen anyway!

In my opinion, you can be one of two types of entrepreneur: the ‘ideas guru’ or the ‘business brain’. Some are a mix of both, but most fall into either camp, and it’s good to balance one with the other in terms of a business partner.

The Ideas Guru

Ideas gurus are the pioneers, the dreamers, the ones who risk it all to start something. They’re not always the best educated, the most experienced or the easiest to work for, however, and are often the ones who end up getting ditched! (Think Steve Jobs & Elon Musk.)

Most make huge, sometimes costly, mistakes along the way and the truly great ones change the world. (Think Sara Blakely…yes Spanx did change the world for women everywhere).

The Business Brain

Business brains are the ones that focus on process and commerciality, they can take an existing idea and set up something with an improved or streamlined take on the product. (Think Jeff Bezos.)

They tend to have a strong business education and make good investors. They can be great CO/FOs, and Yang to the idea guru’s Ying.

Some of these entrepreneurs have become celebrities, glamorising business in the modern age. But in doing so, they have pushed mass consumer materialism onto the world with the products they have created – many indirectly driving business into dangerous territory in terms of impact…both ecological and psychological.

But a new generation is now beginning their entrepreneurial journey. And I think (and hope) things are changing!

“The idea of gross displays of wealth are becoming less appealing and the newbies are far more interested in wellbeing and saving the planet. Hallelujah!”

I urge all new business founders to understand their impact and think about the legacy they will leave. I can only hope that positive change wins over the money-hungry.

Future entrepreneur?…

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Are you an ideas guru or a business brain? Don’t try to be both! Pick one, own it.

Heart, soul & sincerity. Start a business with heart and soul, and make your sincerity front and centre.

Balance the cash. Be commercially savvy. Money makes the world go around and it should be a core part of your business – but not the crux of it – find the balance.

Foster creativity. Creativity is priceless and hard to teach. Learn to spot it and nurture it in your teams.

Look after your people. Be compassionate and fair; don’t be a pushover but equally, don’t be an arsehole for the hell of it.

Make beautiful, useful things. Create something for the future, something with purpose, that you 100% believe in.

Champion sustainability. Look after our planet and work harder to find eco-solutions. We have no planet B.

And finally…

get off your arse and do it before someone else does!


Great quick reads for inspiration:

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

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