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So who the hell is Maggie ?

Well, that’s a very good question with no short answer! So, grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of fizz, if like me, that happens to be your favourite tipple) and I’ll tell you how it all began…

Let’s skip to 2006 for a second. Back then, I was a young mum of 3 kids under 6, with no degree and about to start a business on a £5k interest-free credit card. Who could have predicted that little spark of an idea would have become a multi-million pound international success – certainly not me!

Just a regular mum with young kids

The thing is, I was just a regular mum with young kids, who was deeply unenthused about the gaudy church-hall playgroups with their headache-inducing bright colours and plastic fantastic offerings. I wasn’t alone in wanting somewhere to chill out with other like-minded parents and enjoy stress-free time with my children, while still retaining my identity as a young fun-loving mum.

Madly Creative & Fearless

So there we have it. I set up a business for them and for me; Maggie & Rose was born. My fabulous business partner – the Rose to my Maggie – and I had inadvertently managed to re-define what a whole new generation of parents wanted for their family experience. Our ‘family members’ club’ meant beautifully designed spaces where the kids would be stimulated and safe, and the adults could be themselves, all in a ‘home-from-home’ environment.


My kids have always been a huge influence on my business, and it was understanding their needs and watching them grow and interact with one another that’s inspired everything I’ve done. Now that they’ve grown older (it’s been 15 years since I launched the first of my seven clubs) their needs have evolved, as have the needs of other families, and that’s where my new and improved concept comes in…

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